Novedades otoño 2013-14

Empezamos estos días de otoño con tres nuevas camisetas en nuestra tienda online. 


Camiseta de elefante para chico

Con diseño de elefante en tela de rayas verde y gris, con orejas en naranja y fucsia. Puedes elegir la opción, en la camiseta de manga larga, de elegirla con o sin coderas.



Camiseta de elefante para chica

Con diseño de elefante en tela de rayas fucsia, naranja y gris, con orejas en verde y gris. Puedes elegir la opción, en la camiseta de manga larga, de elegirla con o sin coderas.





Camiseta escarabajo mod para chicas

Camiseta blanca con diseño de escarabajo en tela azul de lunares blancos, costuras en rojo y ruedas y ruedas a juego. 



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  1. Joyce dice:

    Time to face the music armed with this great inaiomftorn.

  2. follow up… I read this..Q: I uploaded some good links. How can I undo uploading links by mistake?A: To modify which links you would like to ignore, download the current file of disavowed links, change it to include only links you would like to ignore, and then re-upload the file. Please allow time for the new file to propagate through our crawling/indexing system, which can take several weeks.but it does not state where the file is after uploading it. Does anyone know?

  3. re #5, Enhanced user permissions controlI believe one of the last options in setting up a user is if they can modify or delete transactions. I know ES can do this, but the would have to sign out and then back in for it to take affect after creating a series of transactions, so i would agree here for the most part with your wish. #3 probably is never going to happen. #2 was radically reformed for 2012 and i was able to condense large ES files 50%. I will send #4 request to PD. That is a great one.

  4. Oooh! I have been drooling over Smash products ever since I first saw them online… but I haven’t had the opportunity or extra funds to pick any of it up yet. Perhaps this will be just the nudge I need! Oh no! Another awesome crafting vortex….I’m falling again…..aaaaahhhh!…..

  5. http://www./ dice:

    >>hiero_yoYeah, we after Wonder Festival as well. Just a heads up now due to the preorder listing. :3>>moyismI’m limiting myself to Clalaclan from among the Shining Wind figures coming out, so I figure I can just maybe justify a Rei here or there… Man I need to stop this line of thought, it’s dangerous. -_-;;

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